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New Laser Cataract Removal Technology

Dr Mark Cherny comenced use of the Catalys precision laser surgery system in April 2012. Since then he has performed over 500 treatments including laser cataract removal, more than any other surgeon in Australia (as of March 2013).

This exciting technology uses a laser to perform many of the delicate steps of a cataract removal operation. In many instances it will eliminate the need for the use of surgical blades, and will dramatically reduce or eliminate the need for ultrasound energy to break apart the cataract .

Most cataract surgeons in Australia believe that the future of cataract surgery lies in Femtosecond laser technology. That future is now here

“From my first 500 cases I have found that the laser adds to the precision, predictability and safety of the cataract surgery that I perform. The biggest issue limiting its use in Australia is the cost, but I am subsidising the technology, allowing my patients to have access to the worlds most sophisticated cataract laser technology system for minimal additional cost. ALL of my patients needing cataract surgery have chosen to have the laser treatment to assist in their cataract surgery , since it has arrived.”

Liquid Lens Technology

Dr Mark Cherny's Catalys laser system was the first on mainland Australia to use a liquid lens delivery.

During 2011 femtosecond laser systems were first introduced to Australia for cataract surgery.

Dr Cherny chose not to install this first generation of Femtosecond laser technology, but waited for the second generation to arrive, with the liquid lens technology.

He made this decision after personally investigating the technological options in Chicago, New York , Hyderabad, and Vienna. He also established the International Society for Laser Cataract Surgery, giving him contact with surgeons and scientists in 30 countries interested in this new technology.