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Laser Cataract Removal Technology

Dr Mark Cherny commenced use of a liquid interfaced laser assisted cataract surgery system in April 2012. Since then he has performed over 3,000 treatments.

The technology uses a laser to perform many of the delicate steps of a cataract removal operation and reduces or eliminates the need for ultrasound energy to break apart the cataract.

"From my earliest cases I have found that the laser adds to the precision and predictability of the cataract surgery that I perform. The biggest issue limiting its use in Australia is the cost, but I am subsidising the technology, allowing my patients to have access to sophisticated cataract laser technology system at an affordable cost."


Liquid Lens Technology

During 2011 femtosecond laser systems were first introduced to Australia for cataract surgery.

Dr Cherny chose not to install this first generation of Femtosecond laser technology, but waited for the second generation to arrive, with liquid lens technology.